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Mizoram is divided into 8 districts. Following is the complete list of all districts of Mizoram. To get the pincode of cities belong to this state, please click on the following district links.

pin code of Mizoram

Mizoram Postal Codes Districts List

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Location wise pincode of Mizoram

Post Office Pin Code
Aiduzawl 796261
Aithur 796571
Ajasora 796770
Armed Veng 796008
Baktawng 796161
Bawngkawn 796014
Bethel 796321
Biate 796370
Boraibazar 796471
Bualpui 796070
Bualpui ng 796901
Buarpui 796701
Buhchang 796091
Bukpui 796070
Bunghmun 796710
Bungtlang N 796181
Bungzung 796320
Chalrang 796310
Chamdur 796891
Chandmary 796701
Changpui 796701
Chapui 796901
Chawngte 796770
Chawngtui 796571
Cherhlun 796571
Chhawkhlei 796321
Chhiahtlang 796181
Chhipphir 796181
Chuhvel 796081
Cti Sesawng 796017
Damparengpui 796431
Dapchhuah 796410
Darlawn 796111
Darngawn W 796710
Demagiri 796751
Diakkawn 796081
Diblibagh 796751
Dinthar 796009
Dungtlang 796320
Electric Veng 796007
Fungkah 796901
Haulawng 796691
Hmuifang 796190
Hmunpui 796421
Hnahchang 796691
Hnahthial 796571
Hortoki 796070
Hrianghmun 796290
Hruaikawn 796321
Hualtu 796161

Pin Codes of Mizoram

District-wise list of pincodes of Mizoram are listed on this webpage. In order to view the complete list of post offices of a district situated in Mizoram, simply click on the district name from the list given above. You can browse Mizoram pin code list on IndiaPinCode.net. Mizoram is one of the biggest state of India and comprises of 8 districts. Each district of Mizoram has various active post offices which can be easily found on this website. There are a number of 412 post offices in Mizoram in the country. If you want to send any post to any of these areas, then you need to know the correct postal code of the respective area of Mizoram. It is not possible to get your post delivered to the correct recipient until you provide with the right pin code.

Mizoram pincode has been provided with a specific ID number to locate the situated postal office. The very first 2 digit of Mizoram pin codes represent the state name, rest 4 digits of the postal code are used to represent the district and post office. As there are currently 412 post offices in Mizoram, it is not easy to remember to all of the postal index numbers. So in order to search Mizoram pin code list, you need to choose state's name followed by the name of the district and at last select the post office of your choice.

At last, you have finally found Mizoram pin code from IndiaPinCode.net. Hope our portal has helped you in looking up the post offices based in Mizoram along with complete contact details.

Page Last Modified on: 10 March 2022

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