Pincode of Dimapur District

Dimapur district of Nagaland has 55 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Dimapur district along with their pincodes.

Dimapur Pin Codes List, Nagaland

Location District Pin Code State
Agri College Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Aoyimti Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Artc Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Chumukedima Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Circular Road Dimapur 797117 Nagaland
Daroga Pathar Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Dimapur Bazar Dimapur 797116 Nagaland
Dimapur Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Diphupar Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Doyapur Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Duncan Basti Dimapur 797113 Nagaland
Eralibill Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Hening Kunglwa Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Industrial Estate Dimapur 797113 Nagaland
Jalukiekam Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Jharnapani Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Khaibung Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Khehekhu Dimapur 797116 Nagaland
Khermahal Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Khopoanaula Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Kuda Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Kuhuboto Dimapur 797116 Nagaland
Kushiabill Dimapur 797116 Nagaland
Lengrijan Dimapur 797113 Nagaland
Maova Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Medziphema Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Moaikam Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Molvom Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
New Nepaligaon Dimapur 797113 Nagaland
Nihekhu Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Nst Colony Dimapur 797113 Nagaland
Nuiland Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
P C College Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Padampukhuri Dimapur 797116 Nagaland
Phaipijan Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Pherima Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Pimla Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Piphima Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Punglwa Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Pwd Colony Dimapur 797117 Nagaland
Ralan Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Rangapahar Dimapur 797117 Nagaland
Razaphima Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Showba Old Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Signal Village Dimapur 797118 Nagaland
Singal Village Dimapur 797117 Nagaland
Singrijan Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Sirhima Dimapur 797106 Nagaland
Suger Mill Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Sukhovi Dimapur 797115 Nagaland
Tenyiphe Dimapur 797103 Nagaland
Thahekhu Dimapur 797117 Nagaland
Vihokhu Dimapur 797116 Nagaland
Yampha Dimapur 797112 Nagaland
Zeliangrong Dimapur 797117 Nagaland

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Dimapur district located in Nagaland in India.

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