Pincode of Kohima District

Kohima district of Nagaland has 50 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Kohima district along with their pincodes.

Kohima Pin Codes List, Nagaland

Location District Pin Code State
Asukika Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Botsa Kohima 797105 Nagaland
Chakhabama Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Chatashi Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Chedema Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Chiechama Kohima 797105 Nagaland
Chiephobozou Kohima 797105 Nagaland
Ciesema Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Dihoma Kohima 797003 Nagaland
High School Junction Kohima 797121 Nagaland
Jakhama Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Jotsoma Kohima 797002 Nagaland
Kedima Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Khonoma Kohima 797002 Nagaland
Khuzama Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Kigwema Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Kizocha Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Kohima Kohima 797001 Nagaland
Kohima PWD Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Kohima Science College Kohima 797002 Nagaland
Kohima Village Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Kontsunyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Lalmati Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Lazami Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Mezoma Kohima 797002 Nagaland
Mima Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Mishilimi Kohima 797105 Nagaland
N.E.H.U. Kohima 797004 Nagaland
New Sectt Complex Kohima 797004 Nagaland
Nisenyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Nyishunyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
P.R Hill Kohima 797120 Nagaland
Peren Kohima 797101 Nagaland
Phenshunyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Phenwhenyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Phesama Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Poilwa Kohima 797002 Nagaland
Pughoboto Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Rusoma Kohima 797003 Nagaland
Sendenyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Tesophenyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Thizama Kohima 797004 Nagaland
Tseminyu Old Town Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Tseminyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Tsosesunyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Tuophema Kohima 797105 Nagaland
Viswema Kohima 797005 Nagaland
Zephenyu Kohima 797109 Nagaland
Zhadima Kohima 797105 Nagaland
Zubza Kohima 797005 Nagaland

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Kohima district located in Nagaland in India.

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