Pincode of Phek District

Phek district of Nagaland has 37 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Phek district along with their pincodes.

Phek Pin Codes List, Nagaland

Location District Pin Code State
Akhegwo Phek 797114 Nagaland
Chetheba Phek 797104 Nagaland
Chizami Phek 797102 Nagaland
Chizami Village Phek 797102 Nagaland
Chozuba Phek 797104 Nagaland
Dzulhami Phek 797104 Nagaland
Hutsu Phek 797114 Nagaland
Ketsapo Phek 797108 Nagaland
Khezhakeno Phek 797107 Nagaland
Khuzami Phek 797108 Nagaland
Kikruma Phek 797107 Nagaland
Kilomi Phek 797104 Nagaland
Lephori Phek 797114 Nagaland
Losami Phek 797108 Nagaland
Luzaphuhu Phek 797108 Nagaland
Meluri Phek 797114 Nagaland
Mesolumi Phek 797107 Nagaland
Middle Khomi Phek 797102 Nagaland
Old Phek Phek 797108 Nagaland
Pfutsero Phek 797107 Nagaland
Phek Phek 797108 Nagaland
Phesachuduma Phek 797107 Nagaland
Phugwu Phek 797104 Nagaland
Porba Phek 797107 Nagaland
Pungkhuri Phek 797114 Nagaland
Runguzumi Phek 797104 Nagaland
Sakraba Phek 797107 Nagaland
Tekhouba Phek 797107 Nagaland
Thechulumi Phek 797102 Nagaland
Thenizumi Phek 797104 Nagaland
Thipuzumi Phek 797107 Nagaland
Thvophisumi Phek 797104 Nagaland
Wazhiho Phek 797114 Nagaland
Yaribami Phek 797104 Nagaland
Zaketsa Phek 797107 Nagaland
Zavame Phek 797107 Nagaland
Zhamai Phek 797107 Nagaland

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Phek district located in Nagaland in India.

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