Pincode of Bathinda District

Bathinda district of Punjab has 162 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Bathinda district along with their pincodes.

Bathinda Pin Codes List, Punjab

Location District Pin Code State
Ablu Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Akalia Kalan Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Aklia Jalal Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Alike Bathinda 151104 Punjab
Bahadurpur Bathinda 151501 Punjab
Bajjoana Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Ballian Wali Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Balloh Bathinda 151510 Punjab
Balluna Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Bandi Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Bangi Rughu Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Bangi Ruldu Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Bathinda Cantt Bathinda 151004 Punjab
Bathinda City Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Bathinda Bathinda 151001 Punjab
Behman Diwana Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Behman Jassa Singh Wala Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Behniwal Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Bhagi Bander Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Bhagta Bhai Bathinda 151206 Punjab
Bhagwan Garh Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Bhai Rupa Bathinda 151106 Punjab
Bhaini Kani Bathinda 151105 Punjab
Bhisiana Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Bhokhra Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Bhucho Kalan Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Bhucho Khurd Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Bhucho Mandi Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Bhunder Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Bibi Wala Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Bir Behman Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Burj Mehma Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Burj Sema Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Chak Attar Singh Wala Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Chak Bakhtu Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Chak Fateh Sngh Wala Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Chak Ruldu Singh Wala Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Chehlanwali Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Chethewala Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Chughe Kalan Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Deon Bathinda 151002 Punjab
Dhade Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Dhapali Bathinda 151104 Punjab
Dhingar Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Dial Pura Bhai Ka Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Dial Pura Mirja Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Dikh Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Dunne Wala Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Ganga Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Gehri Baghi Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Gehri Bara Singh Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Gehri Butter Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Ghanda Bana Bathinda 151106 Punjab
Ghtp Lehra Mohabbat Bathinda 151111 Punjab
Ghudda Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Ghuman Kalan Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Giana Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Gill Kalan Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Gndtp Bathinda Bathinda 151002 Punjab
Gobindpura Bathinda 151501 Punjab
Goniana Mandi Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Govind Pura Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Gulab Garh Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Gumti Kalan Bathinda 151106 Punjab
Guru Sar Sehne Wala Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Hakam Singh Wala Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Hamirgarh Bathinda 151206 Punjab
Harrai Pur Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Ind. Estate Bathinda Bathinda 151001 Punjab
Jaga Ram Tirath Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Jai Singh Wala Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Jaidan Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Jalal Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Janda Wala Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Jangi Rana Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Jassi Bag Wali Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Jassi Pau Wali Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Jeeda Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Jethu Ke Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Jhanduke Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Jhumba Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Jiwan Singh Wala Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Jodhpur Pakhar Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Kahangarh Bathinda 151501 Punjab
Kalal Wala Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Kalyan Sukha Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Kamalu Swaitch Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Kamla Nehru Colony Bathinda Bathinda 151001 Punjab
Karar Wala Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Kaur Singh Wala Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Kaureana Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Khemuana Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Kishan Pura Kutti Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Kishangarh Saide Singh Wala Bathinda 151501 Punjab
Kot Bakhtu Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Kot Fatta Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Kot Guru Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Kot Shamir Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Kotha Guru Bathinda 151206 Punjab
Kotli Sabo Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Kotra Koreyan Wala Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Kulrian Bathinda 151501 Punjab
Kutti Wal Kalan Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Laleana Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Lehra Bega Bathinda 151111 Punjab
Lehra Dhur Kot Bathinda 151111 Punjab
Lehra Khanna Bathinda 151111 Punjab
Mai Sar Khana Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Malkana Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Maluka Bathinda 151206 Punjab
Mandi Kalan Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Maur Kalan Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Mehma Bhagwana Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Mehma Sarja Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Mehma Sawai Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Mehraj Bathinda 151105 Punjab
Mehta Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Multania Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Nai Basti Bathinda Bathinda 151001 Punjab
Nand Garh Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Naruana Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Nasib Pura Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Nathana Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Natheha Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Nathpura Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Nehian Wala Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Nfl Bathinda Bathinda 151003 Punjab
Pakka Kalan Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Pathrala Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Peer Kot Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Phul Bathinda 151104 Punjab
Pitho Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Poohla Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Poohli Bathinda 151102 Punjab
Rai Ke Kalan Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Rai Khanna Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Railway Colony Bathinda Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Raiya Bathinda 151104 Punjab
Raj Garh Kubbe Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Ram Nagar Bathinda 151509 Punjab
Raman Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Ramanvas Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Rampura Mandi Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Rampura Phul Bathinda 151103 Punjab
Ramu Wala Jalalka Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Ranghrial Bathinda 151501 Punjab
Sailbrah Bathinda 151104 Punjab
Salabatpura Bathinda 151108 Punjab
Sangat Bathinda 151401 Punjab
Sardargarh Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Sekhpura Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Sekhu Bathinda 151301 Punjab
Sema Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Sevian Bathinda 151002 Punjab
Singo Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Siryewala Bathinda 151206 Punjab
Talwandi Sabo Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Teona Bathinda 151005 Punjab
Teona Pujarian Bathinda 151302 Punjab
Tung Wali Bathinda 151101 Punjab
Virk Kalan Bathinda 151201 Punjab
Virk Khurd Bathinda 151201 Punjab

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Bathinda district located in Punjab in India.

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