Pincode of Koriya District

Koriya district of Chhattisgarh has 67 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Koriya district along with their pincodes.

Koriya Pin Codes List, Chhattisgarh

Location District Pin Code State
Badsara Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Baharasi Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Baikunthapur Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Banjaridand Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Bansipur Koriya 497339 Chhattisgarh
Barbaspur Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Bardar Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Bhagwanpur Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
B seam Colly Koriya 497447 Chhattisgarh
Budhar Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Chanti Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Chhinddand Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Chirimiri Colly Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Chirmi Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Churcha Colly Koriya 497339 Chhattisgarh
Deogarh Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Devadand Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Dumaria Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Gangoti Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Gelhapani Koriya 497559 Chhattisgarh
Ghaghra Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Ghutra Koriya 497442 Chhattisgarh
Girjapur Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Godripara Koriya 497555 Chhattisgarh
Haldibadi Koriya 497451 Chhattisgarh
Janakpur Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Jhagrakhand Colly Koriya 497446 Chhattisgarh
Kachhod Koriya 497442 Chhattisgarh
Kamarjee Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Kanjia Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Kanwarpur Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Kasra Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Katgodi Koriya 497339 Chhattisgarh
Kathotiya Koriya 497442 Chhattisgarh
Katkona Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Katkona Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Kelhari Koriya 497442 Chhattisgarh
Khadgaon Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Khamrodh Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Koda Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Korea Colly Koriya 497559 Chhattisgarh
Kotadol Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Kurasia Colly Koriya 497553 Chhattisgarh
Mahora Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Mandisarai Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Manendragarh Koriya 497442 Chhattisgarh
Mansukh Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Nagar Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Nagpur Koriya 497442 Chhattisgarh
Pandavpara Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Patna Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Patrapali Koriya 497335 Chhattisgarh
Pondi Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Rajouli Koriya 497339 Chhattisgarh
Ramgarh Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Ranai Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Sarbhoka Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Singrouli Koriya 497778 Chhattisgarh
Sonawani Colly Koriya 497557 Chhattisgarh
Sonhat Koriya 497339 Chhattisgarh
Sons Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
South Jhagrakhand Colly Koriya 497448 Chhattisgarh
Tamdand Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
Tejpur Koriya 497331 Chhattisgarh
Udhnapur Koriya 497449 Chhattisgarh
West Chirimiri Koriya 497773 Chhattisgarh
West Jhagrakhand Colly Koriya 497447 Chhattisgarh

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Koriya district located in Chhattisgarh in India.

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