Pincode of Karaikal District

Karaikal district of Puducherry has 27 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Karaikal district along with their pincodes.

Karaikal Pin Codes List, Puducherry

Location District Pin Code State
Akkaraivattam Karaikal 609604 Puducherry
Ambagarathur Karaikal 609601 Puducherry
Dharmapuram Karaikal 609602 Puducherry
Karaikal Bazaar Karaikal 609602 Puducherry
Karaikal Karaikal 609602 Puducherry
Karaikal South Karaikal 609602 Puducherry
Karaikalmedu Karaikal 609605 Puducherry
Karaikoilpathu Karaikal 609605 Puducherry
Karukkangudi Karaikal 609607 Puducherry
Kottuchery Karaikal 609609 Puducherry
Kurumbagaram Karaikal 609603 Puducherry
Madagadi Karaikal 609602 Puducherry
Melakasakudi Karaikal 609603 Puducherry
Nallambal Karaikal 609601 Puducherry
Nallathur Karaikal 609603 Puducherry
Nedungadu Karaikal 609603 Puducherry
Neravy Karaikal 609604 Puducherry
Seithur Karaikal 609601 Puducherry
Sellur Karaikal 609607 Puducherry
Surakudi Karaikal 609607 Puducherry
T.R.Pattinam South Karaikal 609606 Puducherry
Thalatheru Karaikal 609605 Puducherry
Tirumalairayanpattinam Karaikal 609606 Puducherry
Tirunallar Karaikal 609607 Puducherry
Tiruvettakudi Karaikal 609609 Puducherry
Varichikudi Karaikal 609609 Puducherry
Vizhithiyur Karaikal 609607 Puducherry

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Karaikal district located in Puducherry in India.

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