Pincode of Barnala District

Barnala district of Punjab has 68 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Barnala district along with their pincodes.

Barnala Pin Codes List, Punjab

Location District Pin Code State
Attar Singh Wala Barnala 148105 Punjab
Badbar Barnala 148106 Punjab
Bakhatgarh Barnala 148100 Punjab
Barnala Kty Barnala 148101 Punjab
Barnala Barnala 148101 Punjab
Bhadalwad Barnala 148109 Punjab
Bhaini Jassan Barnala 148105 Punjab
Bhani Mehraj Barnala 148106 Punjab
Bhathlan Barnala 148105 Punjab
Bhotna Barnala 148100 Punjab
Bihla Barnala 148100 Punjab
Chananwal Barnala 148104 Punjab
Chauhan Ke Kalan Barnala 148109 Punjab
Cheema Barnala 148103 Punjab
Chhapa Barnala 148104 Punjab
Chhiniwal Kalan Barnala 148104 Punjab
Chhiniwal Khurd Barnala 148100 Punjab
Dangarh Barnala 148105 Punjab
Daraj Barnala 148108 Punjab
Dewana Barnala 148100 Punjab
Dhanaula Barnala 148105 Punjab
Dhaula Barnala 148107 Punjab
Dhilwan Barnala 148108 Punjab
Dhurkot Barnala 148107 Punjab
Gangohar Barnala 148104 Punjab
Gehal Barnala 148100 Punjab
Ghunas Barnala 148108 Punjab
Guram Barnala 148025 Punjab
Hamidi Barnala 148025 Punjab
Harigarh Barnala 148105 Punjab
Jangiana Barnala 148102 Punjab
Jhaloor Barnala 148024 Punjab
Jodhpur Barnala 148103 Punjab
Kahne Ke Barnala 148107 Punjab
Kalalmajra Barnala 148104 Punjab
Kaleke Barnala 148105 Punjab
Karamgarh Barnala 148109 Punjab
Kattu Barnala 148105 Punjab
Khudi Kalan Barnala 148107 Punjab
Kotduna Barnala 148105 Punjab
Kurar Barnala 148104 Punjab
Mauran Barnala 148108 Punjab
Mehal Kalan Barnala 148104 Punjab
Moom Barnala 148100 Punjab
Nainewal Barnala 148102 Punjab
Nangal Thulewal Barnala 148109 Punjab
Ncc Barnala Barnala 148101 Punjab
Nihaluwal Barnala 148104 Punjab
Pakho Kalan Barnala 148108 Punjab
Pakhoke Barnala 148103 Punjab
Pandher Barnala 148105 Punjab
Pharwahi Barnala 148101 Punjab
Qutba Barnala 148104 Punjab
Raisar Barnala 148101 Punjab
Ramgarh Barnala 148100 Punjab
Sandhu Kalan Barnala 148102 Punjab
Sanghera Barnala 148109 Punjab
Sehjra Barnala 148109 Punjab
Sekha Barnala 148024 Punjab
Shaina Barnala 148103 Punjab
Sher Singh Pura Barnala 148100 Punjab
Tajoke Barnala 148108 Punjab
Tallewal Barnala 148100 Punjab
Talwandi Barnala 148102 Punjab
Thikriwala Barnala 148101 Punjab
Thuliwal Barnala 148025 Punjab
Ugoke Barnala 148108 Punjab
Wazid Ke Khurd Barnala 148109 Punjab

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Barnala district located in Punjab in India.

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