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Rajasthan is divided into 32 districts. Following is the complete list of all districts of Rajasthan. To get the pincode of cities belong to this state, please click on the following district links.

pin code of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Postal Codes Districts List

Explore all post offices along with their pin code of Rajasthan on our portal.

Location wise pincode of Rajasthan

Post Office Pin Code
1 Sm 335707
10 Z 335038
11 Z 335038
12 Gb 335704
12 Knd 335707
12z 335001
13 M D 335711
14 S Majhiwala 335073
15 Ff 335024
15 o 335073
15blda 335703
16BB 335041
17 Gb 335704
17 K.Y.D. 334023
19 Gb 335704
19 Z 335038
1lsm9Bada Colony 335701
2 Gmb 335707
2 Kld 335707
2 V 335027
22ps 335051
23 Z 335038
25 Gb 335704
29bb 335041
2rb 335041
3 F D M 335705
3 Y 335001
32 Bb 335024
39 Ps 335021
3nd 335703
4 Cym 335524
4 Jj 335024
40ff 335040
41RB 335041
42 H 335073
48gba 335703
4nn 335041
5 Psd 335707
51gb 335703
56 F 335024
5nn 335041
6 D D 335711
6 o 335073
61 Head 334023
61gb 335703
67rb 335051
69 Lnp 335061
6tk 335039
7 Gd 335707
7 Lc 335702

Pin Codes of Rajasthan

District-wise list of pincodes of Rajasthan are listed on this webpage. In order to view the complete list of post offices of a district situated in Rajasthan, simply click on the district name from the list given above. You can browse Rajasthan pin code list on IndiaPinCode.net. Rajasthan is one of the biggest state of India and comprises of 32 districts. Each district of Rajasthan has various active post offices which can be easily found on this website. There are a number of 10334 post offices in Rajasthan in the country. If you want to send any post to any of these areas, then you need to know the correct postal code of the respective area of Rajasthan. It is not possible to get your post delivered to the correct recipient until you provide with the right pin code.

Rajasthan pincode has been provided with a specific ID number to locate the situated postal office. The very first 2 digit of Rajasthan pin codes represent the state name, rest 4 digits of the postal code are used to represent the district and post office. As there are currently 10334 post offices in Rajasthan, it is not easy to remember to all of the postal index numbers. So in order to search Rajasthan pin code list, you need to choose state's name followed by the name of the district and at last select the post office of your choice.

At last, you have finally found Rajasthan pin code from IndiaPinCode.net. Hope our portal has helped you in looking up the post offices based in Rajasthan along with complete contact details.

Page Last Modified on: 10 March 2022

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