Pincode of Haridwar District

Haridwar district of Uttarakhand has 115 post offices. Following is the list of all post offices of Haridwar district along with their pincodes.

Haridwar Pin Codes List, Uttarakhand

Location District Pin Code State
Gaindi Khata Haridwar 246763 Uttarakhand
Biharigarh Haridwar 247662 Uttarakhand
Buggawala Haridwar 247662 Uttarakhand
Kheri Shikohpur Haridwar 247662 Uttarakhand
Adm BlockBHEL Haridwar 249403 Uttarakhand
Aithal Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Ambuwala Haridwar 249404 Uttarakhand
Arya Nagar Haridwar Haridwar 249407 Uttarakhand
Aurangabad Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Badshahpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Bahadrabad Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Bahdarpur Jatt Haridwar 249404 Uttarakhand
Belra Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Bhagwanpur Haridwar Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Bhalswagaj Haridwar 247668 Uttarakhand
Bharapur Bhori Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
BHEL Haridwar Haridwar 249403 Uttarakhand
Bhikampur Haridwar 247671 Uttarakhand
Bhimgoda Haridwar 249401 Uttarakhand
Bhogpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Bijholi Haridwar 247666 Uttarakhand
Brahmpur Khanpur Haridwar 247671 Uttarakhand
Chandpuri Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Chudiala Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Dabki Kalan Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Dandera Khwaspur Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Dandhera Haridwar 247666 Uttarakhand
Daulatpur Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Dhanauri Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Dhanpura Haridwar 249404 Uttarakhand
Gandhi Road Haridwar Haridwar 249408 Uttarakhand
Ganesh Vatika Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Ganeshpur Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Garhmirpur Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Gordhanpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Gurkul Narsan Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Gurukul Kangri Haridwar 249404 Uttarakhand
Gurukul Pharmecy Haridwar 249404 Uttarakhand
Hallumajra Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Harchadpur Nizampur Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Haridwar Haridwar 249401 Uttarakhand
Harjoli Jatt Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
I.I.T Roorkee Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Ibrahimpur Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Ibrahimpur Mashi Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Imalikhera Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Iqbalpur Haridwar 247668 Uttarakhand
Jhabrera Haridwar 247665 Uttarakhand
Jwalapur Haridwar 249407 Uttarakhand
Jwalapur Town Haridwar 249407 Uttarakhand
Kankhal Haridwar 249408 Uttarakhand
Khanpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Khera Jatt Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Kheri Mubarakpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Khubbanpur Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Kota Muradnagar Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Laksar Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Landhaura Haridwar 247664 Uttarakhand
Libberheri Haridwar 247656 Uttarakhand
Maharajpur Kalan Haridwar 247671 Uttarakhand
Makdoompur Haridwar 247665 Uttarakhand
Manakpur Adampur Haridwar 247668 Uttarakhand
Manglour Town Haridwar 247656 Uttarakhand
Manu Bas Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Marghoobpur Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Mayapur Haridwar Haridwar 249401 Uttarakhand
Mewar Kalan Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Milap Nagar Haridwar 247666 Uttarakhand
Missarpur Haridwar 249408 Uttarakhand
Mohd. Pur Buzurg Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Mohmadpur Fall Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Munda Khera Kalan Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Mundlana Haridwar 247656 Uttarakhand
Nagla Salaru Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Nalhera Anantpur Haridwar 247668 Uttarakhand
Niranjanpur Haridwar 247671 Uttarakhand
Paniyala Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar 249405 Uttarakhand
Piran Kaliyar Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Podowali Haridwar 247671 Uttarakhand
Prahaledpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Raisi Haridwar 247671 Uttarakhand
Rajupur Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Ramnagar Haridwar Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Ransura Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Rohalki Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Roorkee Cantt Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Roorkee City Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Roorkee Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Roorkee Kutchery Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Roshnabad Kutchery Haridwar 249403 Uttarakhand
Sadhubela Bhupatwala Haridwar 249410 Uttarakhand
Salempur Mehdood Haridwar 249402 Uttarakhand
Salempur Rajputana Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Saliyar Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Sapper Bazar Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Sarai Haridwar 249404 Uttarakhand
Sector III BHEL Haridwar 249403 Uttarakhand
Shahpur Shitlakhera Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Shanti Nagar Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Shantikunj Haridwar 249411 Uttarakhand
Sherpur Khelmau Haridwar 247665 Uttarakhand
Shivalik Nagar Haridwar 249403 Uttarakhand
Shyampur Haridwar 249408 Uttarakhand
Sikandarpur Bainswal Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Sikroda Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Sohelpur Sikroda Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand
Srichandi Haridwar 247661 Uttarakhand
Subhashgarh Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Sultanpur Haridwar 247663 Uttarakhand
Tansipur Haridwar 247656 Uttarakhand
Tikola Kalan Haridwar 247670 Uttarakhand
Toda Banhera Haridwar 247656 Uttarakhand
Toda Kalyanpur Haridwar 247664 Uttarakhand
Training Battalian Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand

Given above is the list of all post offices along with their pincode of Haridwar district located in Uttarakhand in India.

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